Here’s what you get with any package from us:

  • 2 Filmmakers

  • Full Day Coverage

  • Drone Footage*

  • 45-60 Second Teaser within 2 weeks

  • Online Delivery via Custom Website

*Drone footage: Must work within timeline, weather, and airspace regulations


Here’s the films we offer:

Highlight Film - A compact and easily shareable 4-5 minute film featuring as many of the best moments of your day that we can fit in. It features a handpicked music soundtrack and curated audio from your day that will tell your love story. See an example here.

Featurette Film - A longer version of the highlight film (7-9 minutes). With this length we are able to show more of your day, extend the special moments, and use more audio from toasts, vows, etc. See an example here.

Teaser - A 45-60 second clip of some of the great stuff we captured during your day. This is just a fun little video we like to put together for you a week or two after your wedding day. Great for sharing on Instagram! See an example here.

Ceremony Film - This is your full ceremony from front to back. We shoot each ceremony with 3-4 cameras and 3+ audio recorder. We combine them all into one and edit it to show you the best angle of what’s going on. This is part of our documentary package which also includes….

Reception Film - Here you will find every major event from your reception. This is the way to relive your parents welcome speech, all the toasts given by your closest friends and family, your first dance, parents dances, cake cutting, etc. See an example of a custom website including the documentary package here.

Love Story - A pre-wedding shoot that focuses on the love you two have together. This could be anything from hiking your favorite trail, hanging out at your favorite spot, or just something beautiful and scenic.

Rehearsal Dinner Film - This is a perfect way to relive all the great speeches at your rehearsal dinner.

Raw Footage - For archival purposes. This is every video and audio file we capture on your day. No editing is done to them.